Album of the Month 09 - 06 - 2017

It's finally here!!!!! Æther Realm have released Tarot, and it's utterly amazing \m/ Rightfully taking its place as album of the month it's also the front runner for Album of the Year by a country mile. This release has capped off a wonderful Birthday week for me, I’ve spent time with my family, had a great day out with my wife and have a weekend of fun planned with her and our little daughter....and this albums been playing away in the background all the time.

Æther Realm - Tarot

Albums of the year:2015 - 14-01-2016

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Album of the Month 08 - 06 - 2015

OK, so i've been a bit slack on the updates recently, but I have been doing some codeing on the back end of the website. Anyways, here is the latest album of the month, it's Unleashed with their brand new album Dawn of the Nine.

Unleashed - Dawn of the Nine

Album of the Month 30 - 03 - 2015

Technically its only a single from a forthcoming album (one which I anticipate will be a full AOTM in time), but I had to include it as it's totally amazing. Æther Realm keep producing music that demands people stand-up and take note. The likes of Norther, Children of Bodom and even Ensiferum to some extent have lost their way, or in Northers case gone altogether. Æther Realm are flying the flag high for Melodic Death Metal. These guys need a record deal and some backing to get their name spread around the metal community. I'm doing my best here. Check out 'The Chariot' on Bandcamp:

Æther Realm - The Chariot

Also, check out the review for Blind Guardians new album, I thought it would be AOTM, but it's fallen just short of that honour.

Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red Mirror

Album of the Month 27 - 01 - 2015

We already have a contender for album of the year and it's only January! Finsterforst have released an absolute beast of an album, and any metal head who likes a bit of folky black metal should not hesitate to buy it.

Finsterforst - Mach Dich Frei

Snow Metal. 23 - 01 - 2015

The snow is finally thawing, but that hasn't stopped me putting together some ice cold metal suggestions for such weather conditions.

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Albums of the year:2014 - 16-12-2014

As we approach the end of the year it's time to take a look back at the best Metal albums from 2014. I almost forgot to to this, but thankfully Jim reminded me, so he is also going to throw in his top 10 and add some much needed eloquent flair to the article.

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We are up and running...again! 27-11-2014

Well here we finally are. Website version 2.0, with all new PHP and MySQL database goodness working in the background. Hopefully it will make the up keep of the site a bit more manageable from my point, and as I add more code, it will give you more control over what you see...

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Current Album of the Month 27-11-2014

It's been a while since I posted a new AOTM, but here is the first to kickoff the new website:

Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls

Bloodstock 2013 01-12-2013

Now on its ninth year running, Bloodstock Open Air has, since its inauguration in 2005, established itself as the undisputed number one heavy metal festival in the UK. As someone who has seen first-hand the evolution and growth of the festival over the years, 2013 promised to be bigger and better than ever before. Written by Jim Parry

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