About Me


On this page i'll give you a bit of background information about myself and the things I have done in my career so far. Think of it as a mini CV/bio.

My career background is in computing, I studied at Stephenson College Coalville for 2 years followed by the University of Derby for 4. I have specialised in 3D/2D computer animation and Flash programming, which I now put to use in my current role as a Senior Psychology Technician at the University of Huddersfield.

My current role allows me time to create 3D animation, Adobe Flash based games and teaching materials aswell as a 'hands on' aspect of setting up lab sessions. This involves the use of sepcialst equipment like the Biopac and Eyetracker technology.


  • Advanced GNVQ in I.T. - Distinction
  • BSC Computer Studies (Digital Entertainment) - 2:1

Other Qualifications:

  • Associate of the Higher Education Academy
  • TFC Studio Lighting Course
  • BBC Production Safety Training Course
  • First Aid at work

Key Skills:

  • 3D Modelling/Animation
  • 2D Vector art and animation
  • Adobe ActionScript 3 programming
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop + other Adobe Suite software
  • A/V equipment
  • General I.T.

I am a massive Heavy Metal fan, as im sure will be evident by the 'Metal' section of this website and the fact that pretty much every Album Of The Month is a metal one. I tend to go for Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal a bit of Viking Folk/Black Metal and a pinch of Thrash and Death Metal. But as long as its got an awesome riff im happy.

Im also a keen gamer and have been from a very young age. I started out with the classic Amiga 500 'Screen Gems' set (massive thanks to my parents for that one), which included classics like Back to the Future 2 and the amazing Shadow of the Beast 2. From there, my brother and I moved on to the Super Nintendo. Interesting fact for you, we had one of the first SNES ever released in the UK due to (again big thanks to my parents for entering it on my behalf) winning a radio competition.

Published Games and Films

I have spent a number of years working in the computer games industry, and have a number of published games as well as a feature length movie under my belt.


Puppy Luv.

Nintendo Wii

Jumpstart: Polly.

DVD Game

Jumpstart: Frankie.

DVD Games

Barbie, 12 Dancing Princesses.

Playstation 2

Barbie Pegasus.


Barbie Mermaid.

DVD Game

Sindy Movie.


I have also worked on demo projects for a Discworld game, a number of online fruit-machine games as well as pre-rendered work on some childrens TV shows and a trailer for fantasy game Orcs & Elves that was shown at E3 2007. Some videos of these are available in the art section of the site.