Recent Work

Here is a selection of some bits and pieces I have created over the last few years.


Here you can (or will eventually) find a selection of games I have made. They will for the most part be Flash based games with desktop computer users in mind, so you'll need a mouse/keyboard. Some might work on touch screen devices, but I can't promise they will respond very well.

The first batch of games will all have derived from projects at work and I will have tweaked them in order to put them here on my site.

Simon Says

PLAY - Opens in a new window

Game Type: Classic Puzzle

Created: 2011

Designed for: Desktop - Flash - Browser based


Instructions: Watch the light sequence, then try and copy it. It starts off easy but quickly gets hard. How many levels can you remember?

Use the mouse to click on each light in the correct order, you have 3 lives to get as far as you can.

Movie Gallery

Via the magic of YouTube, I can now show off some of my personal 3D animations I created over the years. I've used the playlist functionality from YouTube, so you can click the playlist button (top left of the player) and see the different clips that are available. I'll start it off with a showreel that contains various clips and images from things I have created between 1999 and 2014.

Early 2D/3D Art Gallery

Here are some examples of my earlier work. These are from my time in the games industry creating low polygon models for 'in game' content and doing some hi-poly modelling for cutscenes and DVD games. There are a few examples of the online gambling games I worked on where I got my first real taste for developing anything in Adobe Flash. I didn't do any programming during that time, but I certainly learned a lot about creating 2D art in the Adobe suite of programs.

Photography Gallery

Here are a few photos that have taken and I think are worth a viewing. Most are recent, taken in the last few years with a reasonable quality SLR camera. I'm no expert, but I try and add some creativity to shots where I can.