Website V2.0 is alive! - 27.11.2014

Well here we finally are. Website version 2.0, with all new PHP and MySQL database goodness working in the background.  Hopefully it will make the up keep of the site a bit more manageable from my point, and as I add more code, it will give you more control over what you see. I hope to add search features to the album reviews sections and implement some mobile device optimizations in the future.

As you can see, the whole layout and design of the site has had a change as well as the artwork. Doing it this way is going to allow me to focus a bit more on the album reviews, as I found that they were getting updated more than anything else, but were lost on the old Metal page from the previous design.

There will also be Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons on these blog posts, so you can share all my random posts with the world! I’ve not yet implement this functionality into the reviews, I’m still mulling over whether they really need it.

Finally, you’ll notice at the bottom of each blog post a ‘Disqus’ comments widget. So once you have a Disqus account you can comment on any posts I make. Disqus is used all over the web, so I can highly recommend it for use in places other than my site.

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