My good buddy Jim reviews for Cvlt Nation and also has his own blog where even more heavy things are reviewed. He has an excellent way with words and has written some cracking music reviews, so check him out using these links.

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room 13

Another very good friend of mine is currently writing an epic science-fiction story. Take a look at to see how things are progressing and where you can buy a copy of his book.

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Bloodstock Open Air, the UK's best REAL metal festival. I've been going since the indoor version in 2004. Many a great band has played this festival and I hope it continues to get better and better.

Link to my page. You can see what I'm listening too now and what my overall top tracks are.

Link to my Bandcamp page. There are a lot of unknown bands trying to get a break in the music business on this site. Its a great place to find new bands and give them a helping hand by buying their albums/Ep's on digital download for only a couple of quid.

Website design & implementation links/resources.

Very useful tool for creating the small icon you see assigned to websites in your 'Favourites'. It also appears in the 'tab' your site is being displayed in on your browser.

Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image

Link to the Fonts resource used by this site.

I use the thor font as part of my choice of webfont.

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